Bulk SMS System


SMSRoutes is a bulk SMS platform leveraging on infrastructure designed for transmitting Short Message Services to multiple carriers worldwide. The platform is available on a pay as you go (PAYG) basis and thus you only pay for your float of sending SMS at relatively low rates. Incorporated into the system is a client portal for uploading and sending SMS messages. Messages are transmited directly from your computer to mobile networks across the world with your custom branded sender ID. The sender ID is a name or number that would be shown as the source of the SMS  on the recepient's side.


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Why choose SMSRoutes:

  • Web based and availableanywhere as long as you have internet connection.
  • Get full control of what SMS are sent out and access all logs for audit purposes.
  • Automated daily status reports on usage and credit balance.
  • Ability to send SMS in bulk, single or to a distribution group.

... And much more!